Marketing regularly increases your customer base

There’s a reason why you can remember some businesses and not others. Marketing regularly is essential for your business. Your new customers need to see your business, on average, 7 times before they’ll buy from you.

Our team have helped businesses get seen, and be recognised, through ongoing, consistent marketing. We’ve created direct mail, marketing brochures, run social media, and managed whole campaigns to help clients increase their customer base.

From direct mail and email marketing, through to brochures and online competitions and on to stickers and merch to build loyalty. You’re in safe hands.

We can help you increase your customer base

These are services we offer that you might need…


Marketing Planning

Making a plan first is a sure fire way to more success. Let’s work out what you need, when, and how. Then deliver the activity and measure the results.



Whether a brand new business or developing your existing; our designers can get your business looking sharp and stylish everywhere you’re seen.



Give new customers a reason to get involved with your business, We can create, support, or manage a competition to build your customer list.


Combine your customers online experience with offline marketing. Print and direct mail is proven to build trust – and your business.


Make your customers, and your employees,  fabulous fans who’ll share your message. Create personal connections with clever merchandise that makes you more memorable.  

Paid Search

Add traffic to your website and put your business in front of potential customers. We’ll take care of it all, from creative ideas to social savvyness.

If you want to create marketing regularly to increase your customer base here are five steps to make sure it’s a success

Know what you want to improve

Be clear about what you want improve and the impact you want your marketing to have. Do you want a quick burst of marketing to show off your new products or services? Or longer term marketing to make sure your business is recognised?

Pick when you want to launch

Decide when you want to launch any marketing to increase your customer base so it has the most impact. Have you a new product or service launching? Is the businesses birthday coming up? A seasonal event on the horizon? A date in the diary means your marketing can be planned to fit your business.

Get inspired

Get inspired about what your customer base wants to see, and how you can help them. Find examples of marketing that you have seen and that has worked so you have ideas to share with your marketing team.

Choose your team

Choose a marketing team who understand your challenge and have examples of work that you like. They should be able to share their knowledge with you on how to approach your marketing, and you should be able to share your plans, ideas, and goals with them.

Get Started

Get started as soon as you can. Creating marketing regularly to increase your customer base is exciting and will improve your business. The more time you have to explore ideas, the better the result. You know your business and need a marketing team that are ready, responsive, and excited to help you.

FAQ’s about marketing regularly

How long does it take?

Marketing regulalry to increase your customer base can include a wide range of smaller projects, campaings, and goals. For example, running a competiton might be a 6 week proejct, where developing a new brochure to last the next two years might be a six month project. Your marketing activity will depend on your goals and the scope of the work.

Phase 1 is to review your current marketing and the impact it’s having so that you have a clear picture of what you want to acheive.

Phase 2 is to explore how your marketing plan might take shape and develop the marketing tools and campaigns, including any photos, video, content you will need.

Phase 3 is delivering your marketing plan or campaign and measuring the results so you can see how well it’s worked and use this to plan further marketing.

How much does it cost?

Sorry – it’s not that easy. The cost of marketing  varies and should match the benefit it will add to your business. We’ve delivered marketing campaigns ranging from around £30k to develop and manage six month’s of activity, down to around £900 for a competition.

Our role is to help you find the right level of investment to make the impact you want.

What is the process?

Stage 1 is an initial conversation to find out about you and what increase to your customer base you want. From there we can advise on different approaches for you, and develop a proposal that meets your needs for you to sign off.

Stage 2 is to schedule your marketing project and make sure the dates are suitable for you. You’ll work with our team who’ll explore, refine and deliver your marketing, giving you time to review and reflect on the ideas where needed. Once you’re happy with the marketing material or campaign, you can sign it off.

Stage 3 is to help you deliver your marketing activity. We’ll have either planned this with you during Stage 1, or can agree this with you when you’re ready.

Stage 4 is to measure the results so you can increase your customer base consistently over time.

Start increasing my customer base