Drive Local Sales for Your Business

From ethics to aesthetics, shopping local comes with a bounty of benefits. Local restrictions, working from home and a growing preference for digital transactions have catapulted our shift to online shopping.

In some instances, this has made it really difficult for small business owners to compete. Luckily, shopping local has also come to the forefront of our minds and hearts. With nationwide campaigns and local initiatives calling consumers to keep it in the community, hope remains strong for shopping small and shopping local. As the owner or leader of a local business, how can you sell more to your local audience? Focus on these 3 areas right now to help drive local sales as a business owner.

  1. Sell more locally by looking the part
  • A website (e-commerce if your product or service allows) for your local business
  • SEO and PPC to drive local sales
  • Google my business
  • Social media; strategy, content, shop on social

2. Get your local community talking about your business

  • Online directories and support sites
  • Guest blog and ask for referrals

3. Blend your approach to reach audiences near and far

  • Reach out to local consumers
  • Use your physical space to keep you in mind

In conclusion, shopping local and supporting your community has never been more important, nor has it ever been more topical. There are many things you can do and support you can avail of in order to make an impression on your local audiences and to sell more to local consumers online. When you are ready to start selling more to your local community, reach out to your local marketing team here at Nettl to get started.


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