Growing Business Through Lockdown

We were as busy as ever through lockdown. Since March we have continued to support existing clients and taken on five more as businesses took the opportunity to overhaul their brand and marketing, or launch new companies. We are proud to be supporting businesses who are forward thinking and used lockdown to prepare to come back even stronger, ready for their customers.

Paul Alderson, director of Nettl of Newcastle said: “We were fortunate that the nature of what we do can transfer to home working, so setting up the team to work through lockdown was possible.

“But we didn’t know whether our clients, who are mostly based in the North East, would want to continue with projects or pause until the full implications of life alongside Covid-19 were clearer.

“During this time we’ve been involved in two new company launches, several rebrands and brand refreshes, new websites, and a new product launch.

“We’ve also gained new clients, such as start up Burger Drop, and new projects with clients we’ve worked with before such as EcoCabs in Hexham.

“We’re registered providers with grant funding bodies RTC North and NBSL, so we’ve been able to help eligible clients access funding to support their projects too.”

If you need to develop or grow your business – email paul@nettlofnewcastle.com.


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