Growing our team.

As you might have heard from a previous blog post, we recently hired two new junior designers, Adam and Hannah, as part of the government’s new kickstart scheme. In this blog post, they will each introduce themselves and share their experience coming from university into their first design job.

Hey, I’m Hannah. As an innovative and passionate contributor to the creative world, to me, Graphic Design is all about getting to the heart of the matter, finding its essence and creating the purest approach through visual communication. That’s why here at Nettl of Newcastle, I was honoured to be given the opportunity to work alongside such a talented group of creatives that follow the same ethos!

It can be quite an intimidating push as a fresh graduate to put yourself out there into the world of work, especially after we were all unfortunately faced with the Covid-19 crisis. However, I took the challenge upon myself to spend my time wisely; working on my portfolio, embracing my knowledge and skills, ready and raring to get out there as a junior designer. Although lockdown has been difficult, it’s also been the perfect opportunity for young creatives like ourselves to really focus on building and refining work, I felt this practice really set me up for getting a job which is why Nettl of Newcastle couldn’t have come at a better time.

From developing multiple logos a week to working independently on websites, the boundaries I’ve pushed that have caused me to work beyond my expectations are really enhancing my skills as a creative. The encouragement and help I receive weekly really contributes towards my journey as a designer; helping me gain confidence more and more every day. Although the work is remote, our webcam meetings and chatrooms to discuss work make it feel like we’re always in a studio environment and being able to work from our own home just adds to the authenticity. The main thing I’ve taken from my Nettl experience so far is independence. Working independently is such a prominent role to be given as a junior – it shows that you’re trusted to create great work, you’re admired for your skills and you’re more than capable to showcase a distinctive approach to the brief. This all ultimately leads up to your courage and determination as a designer to do the job to the best of your abilities!

Being given the opportunity to develop my skills further within a professional environment at Nettl of Newcastle has been extremely rewarding so far and non-stop fun and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Hey, I’m Adam and I’m one of the two new junior designers at Nettl of Newcastle, hired through the kickstarter scheme.  I’m originally from Lodz, Poland, but I’ve lived in the UK for over 13 years now. I am a curious person, I enjoy learning new things, the more obscure the better, from new findings on dinosaurs, to how sinkholes form. From my love of all animals, especially exotic ones, comes my newest obsession – keeping pet praying mantids. I keep over 20 species and even breed some to help make them more available in the UK and encourage others who wish to join the hobby or expand their collection.

Of course, one of my biggest passions is art, along with an interest in computers and technology in general, I knew since I was a teenager that graphic design is something I was meant to do. My time at university solidified my belief in that career. My initial interests were in editorial design, but once I began exploring other aspects of design, from web design to animation, I realised that I do not want to limit myself to just one subset of design, I wanted to explore and learn as much as I could about all the different disciplines and then choose a specification later. After getting my bachelor’s degree, trying to find a job was tough, so I decided to go back to university to get a master’s degree, hopefully making me more employable. I focused on developing my skills in branding, motion graphics, and UI/UX design for web and mobile. Halfway through my course, the Covid-19 pandemic began, I continued working from home on finishing my degree.

After completing my degree, I updated my CV and portfolio and began applying for jobs again. The response from employers was much greater than before, but I kept getting rejected, even after doing two or three interviews for a single company. That was until I did my interview for Nettl. I quickly tried forgetting about it as to not get disappointed again, but maybe in the end the number of previous rejections helped me to build up some experience and be more confident during interviews, because one evening I got an email offering me a position of a junior graphic designer. It felt surreal, I did not fully believe it was happening even as I was filling out various forms for the job.

I am working remotely, at least for now, but since I was finishing off university from home the transition was not as bad as one might think, maybe except creating more work in a month than I would throughout an entire semester at university. I had a webcam, a good internet connection, so I did not need much more going into the remote work environment, except learning a few new pieces of software. We use Microsoft Teams to communicate, DropBox to share work, and ClickUp to organise the workload.

I still cannot believe my luck to find a design position mere months after completing my master’s degree, and for the job to match my likes so well. Working for Nettl is never boring, one week I could be creating a website, and another I am working on a wall mural or a leaflet. In university I could never decide what area of design I want to focus on, now I don’t have to, I get to continue dabbling in a bit of everything, and I could not be happier.


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