Inspiring Coffee Brands!

This month, our Design Director has been gathering inspiration from amazing coffee brands, packaging and websites from around the world. Many of us choose a brand of coffee, or a cafe to visit because of the brand itself, so this is a great exploration of a few of her favourites.

Red Rooster Coffee Roaster

Pop & Pac were tasked with a rebrand of Red Rooster Coffee Roaster to bring the brand and decor inline with the pioneering coffee brand it is. They created a refreshed identity around the concept ‘Botanical Punk’ which allowed them to bring a modern and unique feel to the new brand, whilst also not “relinquishing the considerable brand equity that existed within the local community.” This brand has been loved and shaped by the Brighton community for the past 16 years, therefore this was a really important part of their brief.

Brighton, UK, is not always gifted with the sunshine, therefore interior design company The Stella Collective ensured that they created an all-year-round oasis, bringing the outside in. This was then reflected in the identity, and also the illustrations that were commissioned to Melbourne based artist Amery Oke-Johnston.

This brand gifts us with a striking typeface that reflects their history, a beautiful colour palette with heaps of attitude and refreshing botanical illustrations.

Check out the full project: https://lnkd.in/dT6B42F


Such a clever, yet simple and sophisticated idea!

At ‘&More by Sheraton’ you can find anything from great coffee, fresh juices and pastries, to craft beer, wines and snacks. There’s so many reasons and occasions to visit, from work to fun, from morning to evening, from caffe to bar, which is where the name evolved – &More – putting having unlimited options, at the centre of this brand.

The brand identity itself follows this amazing concept, having multiple different designs of the ampersand, making it fun, fresh and versatile. .Oddity StudioRosalie Chan and Alan W Wong designed this design system that now works across a whole range of branding roll-out, and will be activated at more than 400 locations around the world.

Check out the full project: https://lnkd.in/d699u-d

Deluca Coffee

Deluca Coffee Branding by Christopher Doyle – Love the visual language of this brand, the bold, stylish blocks of colour really stand out from other coffee brands in a brave way. These graphics have been built from the graphic logo that’s derived from the D and the L of the name “Deluca”. As well as reflecting the name, the D and L represent a coffee cup on the machine tray.

Beautiful, confident and bold brand with a clever application. Love it!

Check out the full project: https://lnkd.in/eyXSyxV

If you’ve spotted any lovely coffee brands, please share with us!


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