New Year? Let’s go.

We’re starting 2021 with news of our restructure – bringing added value, expertise and flexibility to our clients.

For businesses who need to transform, Wonderstuff will continue defining brands through strategic exploration and creativity.

For business communications, Nettl of Newcastle will deliver branding and marketing through design, web, digital and print.

“Wonderstuff and Nettl of Newcastle are two sides of the same coin,” said director Paul Alderson.

“It’s still us, but now structured to clearly show our strategic and delivery roles. Clients can work with either or both, depending on their needs at any particular time. If 2020 taught us anything it’s the need to think and respond differently, and here we are.”


If you want to see what we do after (you’ve read this post) then take a peek at some of the lovely projects we’ve been working on.

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