Our Team is Growing!

“New Year, New …..” Fill in the blank as you wish.

Many of us have probably started off this year with this phrase, while setting goals for 2021. How long will they last? And what difference will it make?

So what does a 2021 goal look like for new designers? Refreshing your portfolio or website? Making new contacts? Applying for jobs? Securing a job? Starting a new passion project?

Our New Year goal here at Nettl of Newcastle is to grow. Grow as a business, as well as individually. Growing in numbers, growing in services, and expanding our learning so that we can be proud every day.

There’s currently two pandemics going on, the Covid-19 crisis and the devastating lack of opportunities for people aged 18-24 trying to get into work. However, for two talented individuals, their New Year has got off to a flying start. We are proud to announce that we have taken on two new Junior Designers as part of a government scheme to offer opportunities those who need it most. We are looking forward to introducing Hannah and Adam into our team and teaching them the skills that we’ve learnt from our experience in the industry and helping them on the start of their career journey to becoming top class designers.

We are passionate about giving designers their first opportunity, but that’s not the only reason that we’ve brought these two exciting talents on (they are really really talented!). We’re really looking forward to utilising the enthusiasm and fresh ideas that they bring with them.


If you want to see what we do after (you’ve read this post) then take a peek at some of the lovely projects we’ve been working on.

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