Sharing Inspiration

Designs for Fam, Porter and Mayfield have caught the eye of our design director Kerry Neesam over the last few weeks. Here are her comments, then take a look at the projects via the links below to see for yourself. Inspirational indeed!


“Graduating as a graphic designer seven years ago my experience was mostly in print design with a little digital as preparation for industry. That has flipped – businesses now want more and more digital design work. Check out the design of this website for Fam, a premium donut brand from Kuwait, by Fagerström. A gorgeous colour palette and great use of white space makes this lovely design.”

See more here.


“This is a beautiful website layout for creative packaging production house Porter, based in Auckland, designed by Grafik branding and marketing agency. A very dynamic and confidently gridded style design that reflects the business. Paired with clashing, unusual colour couplings this makes a really modern, unique, stylish and forward-thinking website design.”

Read about this project here.


“A brand identity doesn’t have to be ‘all singing all dancing’ or say everything about the brand in one go to be successful. Another approach is to create a feeling and allude to the character of the brand. This is the approach taken for Mayfield, retailer of Australian womenswear designer labels, by Ashley Simonetto. It uses a light, organic colour palette to reflect the natural coastal surroundings of the store, and is typographically clean and contemporary. It lets the products speak for themselves and doesn’t overshadow them.”

Project details are here.


If you want to see what we do after (you’ve read this post) then take a peek at some of the lovely projects we’ve been working on.

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