Inspiring Beer Packaging From Around The World

Image from Caserne case study.

Our Design Director Kerry regularly shares design that inspires her from around the world on her LinkedIn account. It could be packaging, typography, photography or… just about anything. This month she has actively looked for beer packaging design in particular. Check out some of her favourite finds and what she said about them below:

Vasaknai Craft Beer

There’s some absolutely beautifully designed bottles and cans out there. Do you look at the designs when you’re choosing your beer?

I’ve chosen to look for inspirational beer packaging designs this month and this one by FOLK | design agency has particularly stood out to me.

Vasaknai Craft Beer’s Manor brewery has a lot of history, dating back to 1719. Folk wanted to create a packaging concept that reflected the oldest brewing traditions and no better way to do this than using illustrated legendary personalities. Folk say that these gorgeous and stylish hand painted illustrations using bold colours “became a dedication to tradition and history with a little creative twist.”

Check out the full project here!


2nd amazing find by The Clients Agency.

This beer, Workaholic, is packaged in a wine bottle which I found pretty amusing, given the name and is beautifully illustrated. Reflecting what it means to be a workaholic, with a busy, over cluttered label design that has not 1, but 10 logos. It just doesn’t stop. To then exaggerate being a workaholic from every angle, the agency didn’t stop there, they designed 10 labels, a gift box, beer cans, coffee bean bags, coasters, pins, stickers, wrapping paper, flask, badges, posters and Telegram sticker-pack.

When we look into the designs themselves, you can see that the labels include many different fonts, illustrations and graphics which could very easily have looked a mess, however, The Clients Agency have used a limited colour palette and considered layout to bring it all together, and although it looks busy, it is beautiful.

Full Project here.

Silo Microbrewery

Another look at some more beautiful packaging. Who’d have thought there were so many gorgeous pieces of beer packaging designs?!

This time, looking at Silo Microbrewery, designed by design studio Caserne. Their design is inspired by the name of the brewery, and the ladder and scale of the elements make the silo come to life on the cans. In a crowded market of beer packaging, they wanted to make their beer label stand out from the crowd for its simplicity. With a plain white label, and all of the content in 1 stacked bar on 1 side of the can, making a very unique label design.

Check out more on this project or more of their work here:


A beautifully crafted beer label design by Neumeister Strategic Design for Mariestads. These beautiful illustrations represent travelling, back when it was more glamorous, and show the craftsmanship of brewing beer. A duotone colour palette has been used, yet altered for each label design, and a typographic sticker has been designed for the seal.

Check out the full project.

Gueda Brewing Co.

Not just a great design here, we have a lovely printed bottle and a beautiful bottle wrap covered in illustrations and the Gueda Brewing Co. identity. Designed by Bruno Moreni, for this local brewery in São Paulo, Brazil, this identity is reflecting the two owners agronomy engineering background, showing their passion for the craft beer process, with knowledge of the seeds, planting and harvesting of craft beer.

Check it out.

I’ll be on the look out for more beer packaging in the next few weeks.

Please share any designs of yours with us!


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