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Kerry Neesam

Design Director Kerry Neesam keeps her finger on the pulse of what’s hot in design, sharing what she finds from around the world. Here are three of her most recent top picks:

Hopkins Restaurant
“A lovely identity for this restaurant by creative studio Saint Urbain. As soon as I looked through this project, I loved the contrast between the crisp and clear logo and type and the abstract and conceptual illustrations. I then read that this was intentional and was to ‘demonstrate how the chefs draw their own inspiration from the fresh and seasonal ingredients they source from the land to place on your plate’.”

Check out this project here.

“Growing film production company Notarios has recently been through a rebrand with Montenegro Creative Studio. The new identity reflects how the productions take people through a journey to different worlds or dimensions, using optical illusions as a reference. This has been done predominantly through typography. I love how much movement each design has!”

See more on this project here.

“The new brand identity for soft drinks company Bitterschön uses a beautiful typeface called Queens. Designed by brand studio Barkas, there is really nice reasoning behind the naming of the new drinks…”

Read about what they chose and why here


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