What makes you happy in the workplace?

As a team, we have been reflecting on what makes us love our job. What makes us want to get out of bed every morning. What makes us tick. The question has been circling our brains, and we wanted to share a project with you that summarises our thoughts. But first, a couple of the answers that we spoke about were:

  • When we have a happy and grateful client
  • When we are praised by one another or other like-minded creatives
  • Coming up with a great idea
  • Winning work
  • Making lots of money
  • Finishing a project
  • Putting a website live
  • Completing a project on budget/target/deadline
  • Seeing your work in the flesh

But the one that really stood out to all of our team, and we all agreed on, was transforming a brand. Seeing a brand improve. And watching the branding have a physical impact on the success of a business.

A recent project that relates to this is for a beauty salon and beauty shop. Our client Haley, came to us to transform her brand Beautiful Betty. We have popped some images below so you can see the before and after branding.



The old branding was lovely, however very cute and ‘shabby chic’ looking. It lacked personality and confidence. Haley wanted a brand that conveyed strength, and empowered their clients.

One of Beautiful Betty’s brand beliefs is that beauty is from within, therefore every person is different. We portrayed this by not just creating a logo, but a versatile typographic brand identity that can move and transform for its’ purpose.

More images of the brand coming to life can be found below. See the full case study here.

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